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lolisthedevil's Journal

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Oh yes, just another cliche loser making paint drawings on the internet.
I'm not a really a n00b...or newb...though, considering this is my third year owning a LJ. My other, friends only account is simpleplan222.
I'm a freshman in high school, belonging in either the geek/nerd or freak stereotype.
-I shun myspace
-I can speak l337
-I play tons of video games
-I have a binary watch
-I'll argue why microsoft is better than mac for hours on end
-I enjoy a good game of D&D or Risk
-I'm in honors classes
-Talk to me for a few minutes and you'll notice my extended vocabulary
-Talk to me online and you'll notice my grammar nazism.
-I like randomly dressing in all black (that includes tripp pants)
-I shop mainly at Hot Topic
-Either that, or I thrift
-I have blue bangs
-I collect really random things, like dead batteries and business cards
-I'd prefer a night reading or drawing over a dance
-My accessories include go-go boots, a poptab bracelet, and Spongebob glasses
-Speaking of which, screw MTV. I watch Fairly Oddparents.

Stuff no one cares about:
FRIENDS-I have a fairly large group of friends, mostly consisting of nerds. Some of them have LJs as well. I don't get along with preps at all. Don't even think about talking to me if you use the word "lol" in every sentence (Bryan is an exception). Anyways, generally we play video games, watch Star Wars, or eat at Bakers Square.
FAMILY-I dislike my family, but for the record I live with my mom and dad. I have 3 sisters, Jami, Emily, and Erin, whom are all married and out of the house. I also have two adorable nephews, Trent and Hunter.
PETS-My pets consist of a small, furcovered, idiotic cat named Sunshine-a calico-and three worms.

And, lastly, I did this particular account because I found out that I can draw a person in paint without it looking like a walrus.
Enjoy! Buttons to litter the page coming soon!