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This big post right here, it makes up for my lameness of not posting anything for like 8563q789256237 years. THAT'S RIGHT, Q IS A NUMBER.

Self explanitory, man!

I think my drawings have actually gotten better, but I don't have anything for you from this year yet. Give me some ideas, O adoring fans! That don't exist! =D

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So, the girl I was babysitting wanted to play Fairytopia. Azura and this other pink fairy killed Laverna, an evil fairy. I tried to convince her that Laverna was simply trying to start a democracy and overthrow the Enchantresses tyrannical rule in Fairytopia!

It didn't go over too well.

I proceeded to use the Socratic method (dialectic or asking questions till they hit you with a frying pan) to determine why she thought Laverna was evil.

"Let's go play barbies." She finally concluded. A'ight!

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Dad felt the need to get me this ginormous bed. Yeah, um, I can't even get in it without breaking something. Thanks, dad.

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Inspired by the kid who sits next to me in History class.

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Yeah, um, my name is written right on the cover. I have very PRIVATE things in my assignment notebook (such as my crush's full name with hearts around it O.o) and I wonder how much she read. Yeesh.

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That's right, I'm applying to Jewel Osco for a job as a bagger, since apparently the hire kids like me. Imagine my utter embarrassment when they tell me I'm too young...just watch, they'll lie, they always do...but anyways, for now this is accurate. Hopefully I won't have to run the cash register at any time, considering my astounding math skills. Cheers, mates!

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This is a journal devoted to my paint drawings that suck majorly, but allows me to rant in my friends only other journal, simpleplan222, while keeping this one public in hopes of adding, oh, I don't know, 1 new friend who'll end up being, like, my cousin or something.

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